Terms and Conditions of Vehicle Rental:


Ownership and Rental Agreement: The vehicle is owned by the Lessor and is rented out under the terms of this agreement. The Customer acknowledges that they acquire no rights over the vehicle except those stated herein.


Authorized Drivers: Only the Customer, or persons authorized by the Lessor, may operate the rented vehicle.


Financial Obligations of the Customer: The Customer is responsible for paying rental fees, gasoline costs, and any damages to the vehicle.


Prohibited Use of Vehicle: The vehicle shall not be: a) Driven on the beach or in saltwater. b) Used to carry more than two people. c) Operated under the influence of alcohol, drugs, narcotics, or barbiturates. d) Used in any race or competition. e) Driven outside the areas of Mal Pais, Santa Teresa, Playa Hermosa, Montezuma, Manzanillo, Cobano, and Tambor.


Penalties for Rule Violation: Violating any of the above conditions will result in a $200 fine, immediate retraction of the vehicle without a refund, and the Customer will be liable for all repair costs, damages, and penalties.


Customer Responsibility for Vehicle: The Customer is responsible for the vehicle’s safety and must park in secure areas. The Customer is liable for any theft or damage to the vehicle or its parts.


Unauthorized Use: If the vehicle is obtained through fraud or misrepresentation, or used for illegal purposes, it is deemed used without the Lessor’s permission.


Operational Commitments of the Customer: The Customer must: a) Not drive without a helmet. b) Avoid overloading or misusing the vehicle. c) Immediately inform the Lessor of any required repairs due to accidents or mechanical failure. d) Not authorize repairs at any workshop; only the Lessor may designate repair facilities.


Driver’s License Requirements: The Customer must possess a valid driver’s license. Foreign individuals in Costa Rica for over three months must have a national driver’s license.


Charges for Misuse or Negligence: If mechanical failure is due to poor driving, negligence, or lack of gasoline, the Customer will be charged for mechanical service and other related expenses.


Security Deposit: A credit card hold of $1000 per vehicle is required at the time of rental as a security deposit for damages.


Customer’s Responsibility and Risk: The Customer assumes full responsibility and risks for operating and driving the vehicle.


These terms and conditions are integral to the vehicle rental agreement and must be adhered to by the Customer. Failure to comply with any of these terms may result in additional charges, fines, or termination of the rental agreement.